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  • Rudy has autographed these Special Edition Official Full Size Helmets with his full name signature, uniform number and the date of the historic game in which he played.
  • Autograph close-up.

Daniel Rudy Ruettiger Signed Notre Dame Football Helmet #45 '11-8-75'

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Special Edition "Daniel Rudy Ruettiger #45 - 11-8-75" Full Size Helmet like the one shown.  Extremely RARE.  Rudy has autographed these Special Edition Official Full Size Helmets with his full name signature, uniform number and the date of the historic game in which he played.  Mounted on a clear acrylic base with A&R Collectibles, Inc. COA included.


Daniel Eugene "Rudy" Ruettiger (born August 23, 1948) is a motivational speaker and former collegiate football player for the University of Notre Dame, who is best known as the inspiration for the motion picture Rudy.

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Jim Bellacera and Successful Thinkers Presents Rudy Ruettiger Inspired The Movie Rudy 03:47 Ruettiger is perhaps the most famous graduate of the University of Notre Dame, and today, he is one of the most popular motivational speakers in the United States! In 1993, TRISTAR Productions immortalized his life story with the blockbuster film, RUDY. His captivating personality and powerful message of "YES I CAN" stays with his audiences forever! Successful Thinkers Meetup announces its official launch to business owners and success-minded people with its inaugural event coming to the Sacramento area on Friday November 6th. The event is expected to be a sell out and draw over 3,000 people including former Notre Dame football player and movie star Rudy Ruettiger as the main speaker. Successful Thinkers is a hybrid of social networking with business-minded people. It seems the current craze these days has to do with bailouts, corporate bonuses and the struggling economy. However, what's often left out of the discussion are the smaller, local businesses bearing the brunt and who daily face the struggle head-on. These are the true "heroes" of America's economy; not the large corporations. It is the locally-owned businesses that are driving our economy and who invariably hold the key to its recovery! We are here to help the small business person and the community as a whole with success principles and business concepts. Rudy Ruettiger is very excited to be a part of this organization and to help people in this challenged economy, stated Success Thinker founder Jim Bellacera. The concept of Successful Thinkers Meetup (STM) was brought into fruition under the leadership of entrepreneur, author and public speaker, Jim Bellacera. Jim's concept was simple; let STM be a resource for business owners, entrepreneurs, or anyone with a desire for success; hence, Successful Thinkers Meetup! We will have over 3,000 people at this event with a number of high powered speakers, commented Bellacera. The event is scheduled for 6:30pm at the First Adventure Church Theater in Rocklin and will be free to the public. STM is built upon the premise of businesses helping each other succeed. In principle, STM harnesses the power of network marketing via the Internet and brings it to a personal level; otherwise known as High-Tech, High Touch. In practice, STM operates on the highest standards; utilizes the latest technologies and offers the most user-friendly tools available today such as:-- Social Media.-- Personal Branding.-- Accountability and Mentorship Programs.-- Local MeetUp Mixers.-- Training, Inspiration and Instruction using videos, webinars, teleconferencing and text.-- Motivational Seminars featuring renowned public speakers and much more...Imagine if there were a venue where local business owners and success-minded individuals could meet, socialize, exchange business ideas and share contact information for business purposes in a professional, synergistic environment. Well, there is such a venue-it's Successful Thinkers Meetup!Successful Thinkers Meetup is positioned to be, quite possibly, the next trend for helping reshape the business landscape and revitalizing the economy. Whether you're successful in life, aspiring toward success or just curious to meet people who are already a success and willing to share their stories, then Successful Thinkers Meetup is right for you! Check us out at: to see what positions are available and what opportunities are awaiting the curious, the adventurous or those who desire success!SOURCE: Successful Thinkers MeetupSuccessful Thinkers Meetup Bellacera, 916-439-3600

  • Jim Bellacera ... Ruettiger is perhaps the mo...